Details Concerning Traffic Cameras

14 Dec

A traffic camera is a video camera which are mounted on high poles together with street lights to observe the traffic on a road. the traffic cameras are used in detesting the traffic regulations and avoiding violations like over speeding of the vehicles, use of unauthorized bus lanes or the recording the vehicles in the congested area. The traffic cameras makes it simple in the number plate recognition.  the following are the types of traffic cameras;

Enforcement of the bus lane camera.

Bus lane enforcement cameras uses sensors in the road to help in recognizing number plates and comparing the vehicle registration plate with a list of certain vehicles and the images of the recorded vehicles.  The bus lane enforcement cameras recognize the vehicles that stop in the wrong place where parking is not allowed for a particular vehicle.  The entry and exit cameras helps in determining the time taken by the vehicle giving alerts using emails ,sms and onscreen types of alert.

Red light enforcement camera.

This type of a camera takes an image of the vehicles that goes when the light is red.  It is also used to monitor the signal of the traffic and capture the traffic by the vehicles that enters the intersection above the minimum speed following a given time after the red turning of the signals.  The red light cameras identifies the drivers who texts while driving thus violating the traffic laws.

Limit of the speed enforcement.

These type of cameras are helpful in the monitoring the drivers who do not comply with the speed limit given.  The automatic number plate recognizer is used to identify the vehicles. Speed cameras measures the time a vehicle has used in travelling between two or more distanced sites.  the cameras do the timing of a given vehicle over a distance known and do the average speed calculations covered by the vehicle in the journey.

Stop sign enforcement.

They are the cameras which are used to detect the vehicles that don't comply with the traffic rules like the stop sign. These are the traffic cameras which are useful in detecting the vehicles that don't follow the traffic rules like the ones that don't use the stop signs. The stop sign cameras are used to identify the vehicles number plates and do the recording.

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Number plate recognition systems.

This kind of Virginia traffic camera is used in monitoring long distance truck drivers to detect the drivers who don't take the given rest time of the driver.  They help in tracking down all the movements of the vehicles using a particular point in the national road network and also track individuals and vehicles movements in the country.

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